I  sometimes grow tired of the terms “Second Adulthood”, “Divine Feminine”, “Goddess” and even “Mid-Life Crisis. But lately I feel as if I am surrounded by women who might be described with these labels. These women are doing more than stepping forward and asking to be heard – they want action! And what I love about these women is that they are willing to work and take real risks for what they want.
This woman is looking for something more in her life. She is no longer willing to settle for a life that simply nourishes her.

This is a woman that is above the level of survival – she has that part figured out.
Now she is hungering for something that will not only recharge her batteries, give her life purpose, provide her with adventure, but she is also wanting that “something more” to fill her piggy bank.  I prefer to see these women as resilient explorers setting out on an odyssey to live the second or third part of their life – full court, with no excuses for their desires. In my coaching practice, I call these women my “Women in Full” and they are showing up more and more every day. These women have started to figure out that there is a connection between their relationship with their own sexuality and how well they are able to live their lives.  And these women are reaching for the thread and needle, bravely trying to knit themselves a new relationship with their bodies. It’s as if they intuitively know that if they can figure this piece out – all the rest of it will come together.
I am remembering the opening circle at Back to The Body: A Sensuous Retreat For Women. There is a grittiness on some of their faces that communicate  “I was strong enough to show up here – now what are you going to teach me?” quickly followed by “Don’t waste my time.  I am on a mission to recreate myself and perhaps this is a part of the puzzle.”
Oh yes – these women are game.  They are going to get down and personal with each other. Open their hearts and even drop their shorts. They want to find out everything there is to know about being a woman in full because they know that somehow it’s here, inside themselves and they are committed to not stopping until they find the key.

On The Path To Becoming A Woman In Full

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