I deal with females from around the world, from Dubai to New Orleans. Over these last ten years as my practice moved from fertility to sexuality (actually the exact same thing), I have actually worked with hundreds of ladies from age 22 to 75 to change their relationship with their bodies and their understanding of sexuality. Sessions are performed through video Skype so you can live anywhere and have access to me. I also do one on one in person VIP days throughout the world. If you are ready to live the life of a switched on woman, I will move the barriers with you to make this occur.

You have the power to live the life you lust after without ditching whatever and everybody you cherish. It’s possible to change yourself from the inside out. It’s all about contacting your own body initially. And couple of people teach this to us. We don’t discover this in school. I enjoy that Naomi Wolf is now speaking about this vital life force energy in her best selling book “Vagina: A New Biography”. I recommend reading it.

What we learn through pleasure we always remember. We learn by doing, not by just talking. Together we will discover and discover to channel your sexual energy into all aspects of your life. Over a years back, I found how to enjoy myself in a brand new method. I shed anxiety like water weight, stopped the judgmental chatter and found happiness grabbing my dreams. I was turned onto life. I was switched on by life. That’s what I’ll assist you do– light your pilot light and turn your engine on. It’s time to live a life you just imagined.

As a somatic sex teacher and veteran globally known activist for ladies, (I founded The American Fertility Association), I’ve developed a distinct coaching program created to fulfill you where you are right now and help you get to where you wish to be. As one of my clients just recently said: “Pamela over pledges and over delivers!”

  • Detailed, I’ll discuss how to tap into and use your sexual energy to power:
  • Your imagination
  • Your professional life and your relationship with money
  • All your relationships including the one with yourself
  • Your real satisfaction centers
  • Your orgasm
  • Your self-confidence
  • Your appreciation for your body
  • Shifts in your relationship with dieting and food
  • Remember, sexual energy is clean, sustainable and sustainable. All you have to do is stoke the fire. I’ll show you how to access the tools that you’ll require to make this take place:
  • Understand the “Goddess Array”- The set of behaviors you or your fan requires to excite your female sympathetic nervous system (SNS).
  • Understand and access your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to completely alter your relationship with your sexual pleasure and psychological well being.
  • Understand the distinction in between stimulation and orgasm.
  • Create a “Enjoyment Strategy” and break through your “Satisfaction Ceilings”.
  • Learn embodiment techniques that you have the ability to do on your own.
  • Discover the “Lotus Lift” Meditation– a stimulation tool that can support you keeping your sensuous energy working at optimum levels.
  • Discover your “Erotic Creature”.
  • Understand “The Erotic Equation”.
  • Move through sexual embarassment.
  • Explore your desires. Do you know them? Can you speak them?
  • Learn to stop sustaining and start enjoying sex.
  • Work with body shifts such as menopause or handling disease.

Among the first crucial actions is the easiest– choose that you wish to change your relationship with your sexuality and your self image. Decide that you want more and you will never ever desire less again.